Day 9 Saturday
I don't count steps anymore. In the morning, look out on the veranda with a yogurt. 
Take a look today at Yardenit, but one can be baptized. We are really very close here and that (in hindsight) cannot be a coincidence. 

Richard and I had gone inside and had thought that there would be an information desk somewhere with explanations etc. but there wasn't one?  You could rent 2 baptism dresses, but there was no pastor you could baptize to hire. Then Richard should do that, because I wanted to be baptized. After we changed I told Richard to pray that God would lead this baptism.  Further in the corner was a Brazilian group where we went to have a look. They had about 7 baptisms and it was very special to see them all. Richard recognized the song they were singing "Because He lives, I'm not afraid of tomorrow"

I went downstairs to ask if they would baptize me with Richard. But who takes pictures then, before we can ask a Brazilian woman already offers it.  We ask the 2 pastors of the Brazilian group if they want to baptize me together with Richard and these lovely people were very happy to do that together with Richard.  Richard goes with me into the water of the Jordaan. The water was very cold, but soon forgotten. One man said his English was bad, but I didn't care what language I was baptized in, I told him. I have given my heart to Jesus, my further life I will continue with Him. We went home after this special event and told friends and mom Ries about this.

We then went to the other side of the lake, to Ein Gev and walked there. 
We decide to rest and go for dinner at 1910 in the evening after a tip. Delicious food and what a special day!