Day 3 Sunday
Didn't sleep very well because Richard was out at 6:30 am. Still tired.
09.00 today we are going to take it easy (in hindsight, as I write this, still 20,907 steps) 
We walked to a restaurant called Caffit (Emek Refa'im St 36, Jerusalem) this morning. Richard was actually looking for something else, but this restaurant looked good. Then the plan was made to walk to the botanical garden. It was quite a walk and once there we had something to eat.

A problem paying with our debit card. It does not work? Luckily we had just enough cash on us. Now honors looking for a couch for our state of mind. We walk back towards the center. Bank found!. 
Decided to go to the old town. We walk through clean Jewish neighborhoods with very chic areas. Bought a hat for Ries in the old town. Went to Christ Church and sat there for a long time. Reading the Bible in the shadowThere was still a backpack in the distance that was checked and removed by a special unit.

After Christchurch we walked to Western Wall at 16:00. We watched and listened for almost an hour. Many soldiers, young men and women. Everything is mixed up here. Jews, Christians, Tourists and soldiers, few Muslims. Now to fish and chips place near the Jaffa Gate.
We're walking through the Muslim Quarter now. What a madness in the streets, almost impossible to do. It looks like the Hague market. Sellers are always trying to attract attention, terrible. We notice the Jewish streets are more pleasant. 
What a difference, almost crushed in the middle, so busy. Eat cheaply at Lark Fish and Chips, 25 Latin Patriarchate St, Jerusalem. We can walk quietly back to the Jaffa Gate. Mama Ries told about a shopping street below the Jaffa Gate, something with stairs. Oh here it is. What a luxurious shopping street, very chic. 1 coffee and 1 tea and now go home earlier, rest and recover.