Day 12 Tuesday

Got up early. Waiting for Itay to open the door of his mother's house to hang the laundry. The plan today is Caesarea, Mount Carmel, Haifa and Akko. 
We start at Caesarea. Caesarea is a town on Israel's Mediterranean coast. It's known for Caesarea National Park, which includes a large Roman amphitheater and the historic port. On the site is an archaeological park with pillars and sculptures, and the remains of a hippodrome, with frescoes and stone seating. The ruins of the seafront Promontory Palace include the remains of a mosaic floor.

The sea is immensely blue and meanwhile I learn my baptismal song by heart. "Because He lives I am not afraid of tomorrow. Because He lives, my fear is gone. Because I know He has the future and life is worth living because He lives" We have lunch here with beautiful views drive a little further to see the old aqueduct. Here I put my feet in the water and take sand with me for my collection. 

Now on to Mount Carmel. We go very high up the mountain and we park at the highest point. It is very wooded and green here and we walk up the mountain on a path. What a view on Haifa! Haifa has a large port and is clearly a large city. It's about 3:00 PM and I'm reading 1 Kings 18. On this mountain was Elijah. Here he has vied with the prophets of Baal over the right God.

Now let's go to Haifa. We have to go down the whole mountain again and we are here an hour later. Because it is a memorial day, everything closes early again, we expect. So we decide to eat early. Haifa is quite big that we decide to skip Haifa and continue to Akko. A picturesque harbor town. We are saved from an accident. We actually drove the wrong way because Googlemaps was acting strange. We came upon what looked like a toll booth. We pulled up and a van, honking from behind, almost came within a hair's reach of our car, because I couldn't move to the right. The van just pushes on and almost hits us. 

We arrived in Akko via a detour. We walk towards the harbor, but this is far from picturesque. What a big mess here. Not a Jew to be seen here and all Muslims. Kim, a friend of ours would say all cloths. It is dirty and there is no pleasant atmosphere. We decide to go home quickly. We were spared an accident on the way back for the 2nd time. Thank God. Ries was overtaking a car on the highway and wanted to get back into the right lane when a motorcyclist overtook us on the right at high speed. Ries almost tapped him into the valley, he was just able to avoid him.

Thank You Lord for the protection. My heart is still beating with fear. Pfff Home. 19.00 home and sat on the porch for a while. We'll have another glass of wine