Day 13 Wednesday

I don't feel very well, but luckily paracetamol with me. We have already started looking for a Kibbutz. We'd like to see what something like this looks like. To our surprise, we have eaten here before on this site, in restaurant 1910. We walk through the park, it is like a Center Parcs. Beautiful trees and a nice park.  Richard had something else in mind with a Kibbutz.  He thought it would be 1 big building, a kind of round dome and then everything in it, but it doesn't look like that :-) The people we meet are very friendly.  We stop at the main building where there was obviously a party yesterday, because there are all kinds of confetti shreds in the shape of blue Stars of David. A dog comes to me and hugged the dog for a while.

Richard would like to go to Mount Hermon at the border of Syria and Lebanon. 
It's quite a drive. We go to the right on Lake Galilee and then up a bit.  On their way there, an Orthodox Jewish man and woman hitchhike. Richard just drives on. I think that's a shame because we still wanted to meet special people. Richard now feels guilty. We doubt whether we will turn back, but we have already driven quite a bit. To ease Richard's guilt, we take a hitchhiker with us a little later.

We have a short chat with her and after 15 minutes we drop off somewhere she wanted to be. On the way we stop because we see something beautiful. The view, landscape, cows in a lake. When we are almost at the foot of the mountain we stop in a place to have lunch.  Everywhere there are flags that we do not recognize. In the snack bar where we have lunch in it so clean. I look up the flag we keep seeing and apparently it's Druze.  A religious community that lives in Israel but also in the surrounding countries and is 2% of the population in Israel. They speak Arabic but don't consider themselves that way.

We drive back and Richard wants to take a look at Beit Tsaida (Beit Tsaida Zachi Reserve). There is only a very small piece of archaeology.  We walk to the water, but there are many Arab families having a BBQ and, as said before, they are turning it into a rubbish dump. We return home and get some sleep. Richard reads some more on the porch.