Day 7 Thursday
10.093 steps

Today I will stay at home. In the morning we will have breakfast together at Caffit. Very carefully put on my doctor Martins and walk slowly. It's going well. My goal is to pamper my feet and I bought a moisturizing foot mask and cream at the first pharmacy. I have a crack in my heel, very painful. 
Richard is going to read on the Mount of Olives and I am going back home.

I did some reading and watched some movies and fell asleep between 2.30 and 4.30 am. I only went to a supermarket for some food and drinks. Richard called again. He's walked quite a bit. Western Wall (call a friend Inge to let her enjoy al littele bit), Gethsemane, up Mount of Olives at church Dominus Flavius ​​and then through the Lion Gate towards Austrian Hospice.(Ries) When I climbed up the Mount of Olives I had 1 newspaper with me and coincidentally also had the headline "The Messiah is coming" on the Mount of Olives
Incidentally, he is scolded by an Arab boy for not giving him a dollar. He went with a Dutch group through Via Dolorosa to the Christ Church and then he waited for me at the Jaffa Gate.

Together we first had a beer at Lark Fish and Chips and then on to the Jewish quarter where we ate falafel. Then again to the Western Wall. This is the last night. It is fresh today, the wind is blowing and the temperature is 18 degrees. Last night it was so soft. I've been to the wall and prayed. It was very busy. What a special place it is, deeply impressed. Thank you God for my insight.