Day 2 Saterday
25.253 steps

Richard was out very early. Slept well despite meowing cat and noise from traffic.Walked to the old town in the morning. Everything is closed for Shabbat. We thought of an Arab city guard, he knew a way to get into the city. Turned out to be a fast guide who showed a lot in fifteen minutes for 120 euros (400 shekels). David's tomb, Holocaust memorial, Last supper, Via Dolorosa, where Simon van Curyene's hand is in the wall. Stranded at the Austrian Hospice in the old town, a relief, what a wonderful place. Wifi and delicious cakes on and on the roof a beautiful view over the old city. 

Walked further out of the old town. Crossed over to the Mount of Olives. What a huge climb. First visited Gethsemane where Jesus sweated blood, overlooking Kidron Valley. Visited Dominus Flevit Church which is open at certain times and what a view over the city. Good to see is the Golden Gate that has been closed for 1000 years. The Messiah is coming back through this Gate!

 13:45 Sitting quietly again in the Austrian Hospice. We leave for Bethesda where Jesus healed the lame man. Then walked past the Golden Gate via the Muslim tombs. We saw the spot where Taya Smith sings Hosanna and we sang it there too.  Then we walked to the western wall. We were not allowed to take pictures here because of Sabbath. What a heavenly peace reigns here. To my surprise I was allowed to walk up to the wall itself. I put my right hand against the wall and thanked God for my understanding of the Christian faith.

Then we went through the Damascus gate to the burial garden.  We will come back here on Monday to take the same picture at the sign "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" where Mama Ries was.  It was too busy now because of Christian Arabs holding a service. Special to look at the bus station under Golgotha, what a horror in such a holy place. Seen Jesus grave, He is risen! A hug given to an English volunteer at the entrance of the burial garden of Jesus

Back into town through the New Gate. We were in the middle of a Greek Catholic procession of scouts or something. Ate some chips and drank a beer at an English shop Lark Fish and Chips in the Christian Quarter.

In the evening we had dinner in a French restaurant Talbiye , address: 5 Chopin St through a long walk through a beautiful Jewish and clean neighborhood, including the King David Hotel. Back at 10 o'clock in the evening. We're broken. Had a nice shower and went to bed