Day 14 Thursday 

The last day. We have breakfast as usual on the veranda with the magnificent view over the Sea of ​​Galilee. All nature makes noise, birds coo and whistle blissfully. Richard wants to go back to the Yardenit baptism site one more time, just to watch. When we are there it is very quiet. What a difference from almost a week ago. We stand with our feet in the water of my baptismal place for a while. We look at the fish, how beautiful it is here! We now realize that it was very special how it all went last Saturday. Especially since no people are baptized at all now, oh yes a man baptizes himself and 2 people sprinkle each other a little. How blessed we are with that Brazilian group.

We're going to look further down at Rob Roy, we saw a sign with a canoe on it. And by chance there is a nice band playing, it is very cozy here. There are all kinds of roosters walking around and they cluck along. We can indeed canoe here. We do that, if we have still sailed in a boat, then not on the Sea of Galilee, but on the Jordan. Some parts are very nice, other parts are terribly dirty with plastic bottles, cans and even 3 old garden chairs. Too bad, but we'll be back after an hour.

We need to come up with something for lunch. We do that wonderfully at Aleta near our airbnb. What a beautiful last morning we had. 3:00 PM back and rest a bit, because we still have a long journey to go tonight. 

At 18:00 we are at restaurant 1910, which we now know belongs to the Kibbutz.  We enjoy a delicious meal here and in the meantime Richard is texting with a team member of his football club who also happens to be in Israel. After dessert and coffee, we pay and walk out of the restaurant and no but!  The football team member Jeroen Bakker suddenly walks towards us. What a coincidence, he literally lives within walking distance and came to visit us. Awesome!

Just a chat and he will stay in Israel until Wednesday. Really nice meeting! We go home and pack everything. We are heading towards Tel Aviv. 2 hours drive. Be at the airport 3 hours in advance and have about 2 hours to spare.

Thank you Lord for this wonderful journey!